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Websites Rochester, NY Area

MCLC Computer Services is a small web development and computer support company located in the Rochester, NY area with an office in the Jacksonville Florida area. We support small communities, organizations and businesses  desiring informational websites.  We often assist individuals needing computer support and software training.

Social Gathering

Inform and Involve Your Community

We partner with you to tailor a website to your community’s needs. We will:

  • create a pleasing and relevant site
  • manage the details of getting your website online
  • be there to maintain and update the site based on your needs

Share Our Energy and Expertise

The thought of creating and maintaining a website can seem overwhelming. Tapping into your knowledge of your organization, we will use our expertise and energy to create just the right site for you. We make it easy!

Larry and Mary Conte

Larry and Mary Conte

MCLC | Who We Are

We are a couple who love to work together. We take the skills from our first careers as educators and administrators and apply them to our work as website creators and computer support specialists. We enjoy helping people and are especially skilled at developing websites for organizations that are new to communicating online. Currently we are working with homeowners associations who want to keep residents informed and encourage participation among neighbors. We also provide quick and easy online business card style sites to professionals. We are easy to reach on our CONTACT FORM below and would look forward to providing you with specific details for your unique website needs.

Work with us to customize your site with:

  • A Homepage that Reflects Your Organization’s Mission and Culture
  • Information and News
  • Regular Community and Special Events
  • Meeting Notifications and Documents
  • Meaningful Images and Photographs
  • Surveys to Collect Feedback
  • Online Documents that can be Downloaded
  • Policies and Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Links to Local Information and Weather
  • Timely updates

Let us know if we can answer any questions about our service or if you would like to see our Client Information Form.

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